Thursday, August 11, 2011

EEK a Mouse

I was working on my computer and all of the sudden Seth yells MOUSE!! I'm like where and he said it was behind the hope chest. Next thing I know he's headed for my desk so of course my feet immediately go up in the chair. All the kids were standing on furniture and this poor mouse was running all over trying to figure a way out of the chaos. He finally went behind the TV for awhile. Katie went downstairs to get a bucket as she wanted to catch him and let him loose outside. Well I went downstairs to put clothes in the dryer and then I hear a bunch of shrieking and then I heard the back door open. When I came upstairs I was informed that he ran out from under the TV and ran around in circles before crawling into Olivia's shoe. Katie picked up the shoe dumped in the bucket and then ran him outside. She was going to let him loose behind the garage but apparently he jumped out of the bucket and ran like the devil. Hopefully we've traumatized him enough that he won't come back!! Katie Jo Horwitz saved the day and is our HERO!!!

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