Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to School, YEAH!!

First 1/2 day of school is this morning. Katie left about 7:40am for her first day of Jr. High and she could barely contain her excitement....wish it was like that on every school day. Olivia wanted to be at school right at 8:30am so she could spend time with her best friend Emily, who is not in her class this year. They've been working on the playground for the last week, installing new equipment, putting in more dirt and wood chips. And, of course with all the rain we had last week it's not done yet so it was off to the gym for everyone this morning. Seth and I head off to Kindergarten orientation at 11:15 this morning and then he will officially start on Thursday. He's very excited but a little concerned about homework. Suzanne starts her sophomore year tomorrow and Stephen will head back to Harper on the 27th. Whew!! Our summer was great and we did lots of fun stuff but even the kids were ready to head back to school. It'll be nice to have everyone back on a schedule.

Olivia will turn 8 on Monday the 27th and my parents are coming into town to help her celebrate. She has no idea that they are coming and when she sees Grandma waiting for her after school I'm sure she'll be thrilled. She thinks they are coming sometime in September and was a little disappointed they wouldn't be here on her actual birthday.

Marc went to Michigan this past weekend for the Nascar races. Saturdays race went without a hitch. However Sundays race was a washout and was postponed until Monday. Marc decided to go ahead and come home as it looked like it would rain all day Monday as well, which it did so the race was postponed until today at 10am ET. Needless to say Marc arrived home Sunday night a little after 9pm and headed back to Michigan last night about 8:30pm. He called from the racetrack this morning and said it was foggy but no rain so hopefully the race will happen today. His favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not be driving the #8 car next year so all his merchandise was 1/2 off. Needless to say all of us got souvenirs of some kind.

Got a letter from Matthew yesterday. He's been gone since August 2nd but just started boot camp on the 13th. He says it's extremely hard but he's toughing it out. He's really homesick and requested letters everyday if possible. I wrote him one last night and another one today. I'm hoping to send one every couple of days and then with other relatives and friends writing hopefully he'll get mail almost daily.

Well I'm going to sit and enjoy the quiet for a few hours as I know I'll spend most of the afternoon filling out school paperwork. Have a good week everyone!!