Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Forgive me blogspot for I have sinned, it has been over a month since my last blog. Here's what's going on..... My baby Seth turned 6 today...he was up dressed with his backpack on and his bag of treats ready to go to school at 7:50am. He was not happy when he found out we couldn't even consider going to school until 8:30 or after. He had a great day at school and he has a classmate who shares his birthday. She also happens to only live 3 doors down from us. Who knew!! He was very happy with all his gifts which included new spiderman pajamas, Thomas the Train Leapster game, deck of cards, sleeping bag and Aquadots. The verdict is still out on the Aquadots, not sure if it was a waste of money yet or not. I'll know by the end of the week.

We leave Friday at 1pm for what will most likely be our last trip to Fulton this year. Marc's 25 year high school reunion is this weekend. Friday (Marc's birthday) we will be attending the homecoming game as Marc has been invited to play the National Anthem with the band and also participate in their half-time program. Then Saturday night is the reunion at the Red Dog Steakhouse. Hopefully some of Marc's old high school buddies will be there and we'll have a nice night out.

Just finished watching Dancing with the Stars. I watched last night's show online this afternoon and we just watched the men. Floyd Mayweather got all 6 of my votes. I thought he was good!

Well I'll try and post next week and let you know how the reunion went!