Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby It's Hot Outside and Inside!!

Well here comes the hot weather and we have no A/C. Today we are getting our 4th and final bid on a new furnace and A/C so hopefully we can make a decision and get it taken care of in the next week or so!

Matthew leaves tomorrow afternoon and then on Thursday he will be headed out to Fort Knox to start his Army Basic Training. He's actually looking forward to it! His Dad and I are a little less than enthused as of course we fear that at some point he'll end up in Iraq. I do, however, applaud Matthew as this is something he really wants to do and for that we are proud!

Katie started a Sneak Peek into 6th grade class at the Jr. High yesterday. She was very excited but nervous too! Hopefully becoming acquainted with the school before hand will ease some of her anxiety on the first day of school! Speaking of which 20 days and counting, LOL!

Olivia is going to have Ms. Resnick for 3rd Grade. Katie had her for 3rd and 4th grade. Olivia of course wasn't to happy as everyone says shes mean. My hope is that since Katie and Olivia have such different personalities that she might actually enjoy having her for a teacher. And, since they no longer loop she should only have her for one year.

Seth has been switched to morning Kindergarten. Usually everyone who lives in our subdivision and is a walker gets assigned to afternoon. However this year there were only 7 kids who fit that bill and there are another 17 kids that were scheduled for morning. So.....they decided to combine them all together in the morning and there will be no afternoon kindergarten at all. This will be good as now I can drop Olivia and Seth both off in the morning and then head off to do any errands I need to do.

Well since it's quiet here I better get some things done. Keep Cool!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Catch Up Time

Let's see....Olivia and I spent a long weekend at my brothers house. We had a great time. Olivia got to play with my nieces and Mom, Heather and I scrapbooked. Attached is a picture of Haley who turned 2 on June 27th and Chloe who will turn 5 on August 22nd. When Olivia and I returned home my kitchen was green and I LOVE IT!!! On the 30th of June we threw Matthew a Graduation/Going Away Party. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a good time and ate lots of good food! Suzanne and Matthew went home with Grandpa and Grandma and this weekend we are headed to Fulton to pick them up.

4th of July was spent picking up my birthday present, which is a new bike. Unfortunately it's been so hot lately that I haven't ridden it much but since cooler weather is on the way I plan on taking a ride every evening. Both Katie and Olivia were in the Wheeling parade and Marc, Seth and I had a great spot to watch the entire parade. Thank goodness the weather was nice for it! Then at 9:30 we found a great spot to watch the fireworks and we were the only ones there. We are going to keep that secret spot to ourselves!

UH OH!! I have clothes on the line and it looks like it's going to rain!! Gotta go.

Keep Cool everyone!!