Saturday, February 03, 2007

Productive Morning

In between doing laundry and running the dishwasher I managed to make 10 Christmas cards so I'm good for the month of February. I also did a layout of Katie from last summer. I know you can't read the journaling so here it is.....

4th Grade Comes Crashing to a Halt
What a way to end 4th Grade. It was a little after 3pm on the last full day of school and I was waiting outside the school along with all the other Moms. Then Mrs. Cherry came walking up to us to tell me that you had taken a nasty fall off the monkey bars. I followed her to the nurses office where you were sitting with an ice pack on your forehead. Mrs. Resnick was sitting next to you holding your hand. You were really shaken up and scared as you couldn’t remember what happened or how you got to the nurses office. We came home and dropped off Olivia and then we headed for the Emergency Room. The Dr. checked you out and said you had a concussion and made us hang around for an hour to be sure you were all right. I had to wake you up in the middle of the night too…but all was well. You just had a nasty looking forehead for a few weeks and as far as I know it hasn’t stopped you from continuing to play on the monkey bars either!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Well if you believe in the groundhog we will have an early spring! My kids are very excited and we are all hopeful that it will turn out to be true. I've never really kept track of what the ground hog's record of correctness is so I guess time will tell! All I know is that I am ready for these frigid temperatures to go away!!

Every wear you go today all you see is everyone dressed in the Chicago Bears wardrobe. The girls were supposed to wear something to show their support and luckily Matthew had two Bears t-shirts so they each have one on. I had to use a small binder clip to keep Olivia's from falling off her shoulder. Poor Seth had nothing to wear so he's wearing Bears colors of orange and blue. I stopped at Dominick's really quick this morning and everyone there had Bears paraphernalia on as well. Even U/L said that if you had no clients visiting you were free to wear your Bears shirts. Marc has one but opted not to wear it.

I think we are finally going to go and get a new TV tonight. Sure hope they have the one that's on sale through tomorrow in stock. I have a feeling we are pressing our luck but we will see. It'll will certainly be nice to control the volume from a remote versus having to get up and actually walk to the TV to do it, LOL!! However did we cope back in the olden days!

Super Bowl Sunday here will be reminiscent of New Year's. We are going to make a bunch of appetizers (Swedish meatballs, Velveeta w/sausage and Rotelle, cheese & crackers, etc.). Marc claims we are going to put a cooler of beer in between our two recliners so we won't have to go far to get another one....again how lazy is that! I doubt that I will actually sit in front of the TV during the game. I'll probably be at my computer desk working crossword puzzles and listening to it in the background.

Stay warm everyone and GO BEARS!