Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Weekend

Well we spent the weekend in Kalamazoo. My brother-in-law Mike graduated from graduate school with a Masters in Science and Information. He had an open house yesterday to celebrate. There was, of course, way too much food so everyone was sent home with leftovers. Our van was packed to capacity on the way there as we took 8 bags of bottles and cans that were Michigan refunds. We ended up with $43.10 worth which we were amazed at!! We assured the kids that we'd have more room in the van coming home but guess what?? Not so...we brought home cake, rolls, cereal, salad, an entire angel food cake, mints, plastic silverware, cups, paper plates and napkins....the paper products and mints will be used for Matthew's graduation/going away party. At least the weather was nice and it was great for travelling. Everyone slept all the way home, except for Marc of course.

Tomorrow night I'm scrapping which I'm excited about. I've been on a roll lately and I don't want to loose my momentum. This weekend Marc and I are going to start working on a scrapping area for me in the basement....I'm so excited!! I'll post pictures when we are done.

Enjoy the rest of this great day!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Great Day

Got a beautiful Anniversary card from Marc today. It just kills me that he spent $4.99 on it he needs to ask one of my scrapping friends to make one and pay them instead. He liked the card I made him last night at stamp camp. So far our anniversary has been great. We slept in until 10 and then I made us cinnamon rolls. He has spent the day working in the basement and I spent all day making my April Christmas cards. I've attached a picture. I LOVE THEM!! I'm so glad I bought that stamp set...I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. So many possibilities. I just ordered our pizza from Giordano's and we are going to sit down and watch the movie "Click" with Adam Sandler.

Oops I posted this at Schocker's by mistake!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th

I haven't posted in almost a month...where does the time go! These last several weeks have been so busy with dentist and doctor appointements, school meetings, etc. Tonight is Stamp Camp which I'm so looking forward too! My girls are leaving with their Dad at 5:30 tonight and will be with him until church on Sunday morning. Marc and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow night and are still thinking about what we want to do!! We seriously may just order our favorite pizza from Giordano's and watch a movie. The older ones will all be in the basement and I'm sure Seth will be there too so we might actually get to watch a movie in the actual time allotted with no interruptions. I'm also hoping that I can get some scrapping or cardmaking done as well.
Jonathon arrived back home today. He is done with the Air Force so he's been applying for jobs and is considering going to Harper. He enjoyed his time in the Air Force but he's happy to be home.

The above picture is of the three youngest on Easter morning! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wow, my DH just came home and brought me a dozen roses...I've attached a picture. They are beautiful!! I'm so lucky.