Monday, January 28, 2008

Almost Forgot

Whew, time just seems to fly. This past weekend was a busy one for our household. I went to the crop so I was gone from Friday evening at 6pm until Saturday at 5:30pm. I did come home long enough to get some sleep but Marc was the only one who was coherent enough to know I'd been home. I did get several pages done and was so happy to finish some pages I'd had planned for a few years.

Marc and the kids went to Winterfest at church on Friday and then went bowling on Saturday so they all had a good time. Katie and Olivia went with their Dad yesterday and ended up going to a theater in Palatine to watch "The Sound of Music". They both enjoyed it!

Back to school today and at 10:45am I received a call from the nurse saying that Olivia was there. She was given another detention and was crying again. We talked and she said she deserved it so she toughed out the day and served her detention. She said she was given the detention because she was playing with her fingers and not paying attention. If this continues I'll be having a meeting with the principal sooner rather than later.

Hope your week started out better!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I forgot yesterday was Monday and I wanted to post. Having the kids and Marc home yesterday for the MLK holiday threw me off. The kids are home again today so my whole week will be off.

Marc's project for the long weekend was to paint Seth's room and put in the hardwood floor. He even took 1/2 day off on Friday to give him a little extra time. Of course nothing ever goes as planned and needless to say there is one coat of pretty blue paint on the wall and that's it. He's planning on painting a 2nd coat tonight and hopefully putting the flooring in on Wednesday. Anyhow that mean's my dining room is a mess as everything from Seth's room is in there and we can't eat as a family. Oh well hopefully by this weekend everything will be restored to normal.

I ended up going to Kohl's yesterday. They had scrapbook albums 50% off and I was lucky enough to pick a scratch off ticket worth another 20% so I got 3 albums for less then $30. Then I spent the afternoon putting pages I've done lately in the proper albums. I also made the discovery that the shelves in the entertainment center are the perfect size for 12 x 12 albums so now I can keep them downstairs and readily available for me to add more pages too. I also started packing for the crop this weekend. I hope I take everything I need and don't run out of things to do!

Tonight I go to get my yearly eye exam. Since I didn't need new glasses last year I'm sure I will this time. I'm considering bifocals but I'm still hesitant so I'll just play it by ear. I may even run across the street to JoAnn's as they have 12 x 12 paper 6 for 96 cents and I could use some Christmas and Valentine paper.

Well have a good week everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Card Happy

OK so as you can see I've been spending some time in my scrap area and have made the above cards using my new templates. The first one is for Marc for Valentine's Day and I don't think he ever goes to my blog so hopefully he won't start now. The middle one I made over the weekend and when I showed it to Marc his response was "You made that?" I'm hoping that means he was impressed. The third one is for a good friend of mine who loves ladybugs. I still have a few more to make for Valentine's Day and then I'd like to start working on some Christmas ones to get a head start.
Our first bible study was last Friday. There's a good mix of people and Marc seemed to enjoy it. Of course he has to attend the next class alone as I'll be scrapping. I'm sure he'll do fine.
Girl Scout cookie sales are going well. Katie is at about 54 boxes and Olivia is at about 23. I still have some more people to ask so hopefully we can boost Olivia's number up a little.
Speaking of Olivia...I just got a call from the school nurse saying that Olivia is in her office crying. She says she's tired, she doesn't feel well and she can't seem to stop crying. Luckily I have to go get Seth in about 10 minutes so I'll just pick them both up at the same time. She seemed perfectly fine this morning and she got a good night's rest so I'm wondering if something has happened at school or if she really is coming down with something. I guess if she comes home and goes to sleep I'll know the answer.
Have a good week everyone!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy First Monday of 2008!!

Well as you can see by the pictures I've finally gotten my scrap area set up and least for the moment. I spent all weekend working on it but really enjoyed doing it. I've even got some things ready to take to scrap this week. The first picture shows the 9 cubicle storage area that I used some Christmas money on (I used some of Marc's too but I don't think he minds). I had hoped it would be big enough to store my albums in but no such luck. As you can see I had no trouble filling the space. The last picture is of that cabinet we garbage picked and it's got all my stamps and card making items in it!! I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time down there being creative. I'm going to start by hopefully making some cards using the card templates Marnie gave me for Christmas.

Kids went back to school today. They wouldn't admit it but I think they were happy to go back. The weather is bad it won't last. Sounds like we may be back to wearing snow pants by the end of the week, YUCK!

Well Girl Scout cookie sales started last Friday. Each year it seems like we lose people we can sell too due to them having others in their family that are selling also. Katie was sweating making her 50 box goal. However a friend of hers who is no longer a Girl Scout said her family wanted to buy some from her. Well she made the call last night and sold 36 boxes and she was THRILLED!! Of course Olivia is a little awe struck and is hopeful she can sell as many as Katie.

Marc and I are starting a bible study this week on the Old Testament. I've taken bible classes before but this will be the first couples class we've taken. It meets twice a month from now until April and it should be interesting. While we are in class the kids will be doing crafts, watching movies, etc. so we won't have to worry about them.

Well I'll close for today and I'm hopeful that I can post on a more regular basis this year.