Sunday, April 19, 2009

Card Challenge #7

Here's my version of this challenge. It's simple but I like how it turned out so I guess that's all that matters.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Additions to the Family

Here are the two new additions to our family. Matthew bought the kids two hamsters for Easter. The one in sitting in the food bowl is Flower and the other one is Bambi. Everday this week the kids come home and put them in their playballs so they can roll all over the floor. They've also been inviting all their friends to come over and see them. I'm sure in another few weeks the excitement will fade. I hate to admit it but I think Marc and I are enjoying them as much as the kids!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Card Challenge #6

Marc and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary today. So this morning I was thinking I needed to make him a card. I decided to check out to see if there was a current challenge going on. Sure enough card challenge #6 is due by midnight tonight so here's the card I came up with!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


OK, so the Buick Century is no longer a lawn ornament in our backyard. We donated it to the Veterans and the tow truck came and took it away on Saturday. It was a great car and it served us well! We've replaced it with a Cadillac that we bought from a friend. He gave us a great deal and the car is in really good shape and should be perfect for our needs.

We have had a crazy (in a good way) couple of weeks. Matthew surprised us and came home on Katie's 13th birthday. And, her newest cousin Reece (our first nephew) was born on her birthday too! That will be a tough birthday to top!! My Mom arrived the following day and stayed for a week. While she was here her and I travelled to Cedar Rapids, IA and met my brothers there. We scattered my Dad's ashes near the Marion Depot per his request. After my Mom left my brother-in-law arrived and spent an evening with us. Jonathon came over and visited with us too! Then my in-laws decided to come back from Florida early so they could visit with Matthew. They arrived here yesterday and spent last night and today (Easter) with us. I fixed a big dinner and Mike stopped on his way home from Michigan and had dinner with us too. Jonathon joined us as well so there were 12 of us for Easter. It was hectic but nice! Then this afternoon after all our company left, Matthew said he needed to run out as he wanted to get the kids an Easter gift. Needless to say we our now the proud owners of two hamsters! The kids are ecstatic, at least it wasn't a puppy! I'm looking forward to a quiet evening and everyone going to bed early. Hope everyone had a great Easter!