Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's been a long time since my last post so I'll try and get everyone caught up on what's been going on!!

We went to Fort Knox for family weekend the beginning of October. We had a nice visit with Matthew and took in some of the local sites. We visited the Patton Museum, Colonel Sanders Grave, Church Hill Downs, Schmidts Coca-Cola Memorabilia Museum, went on the Belle of Louisville for a two hour cruise down the Ohio River and saw the cabin where Abe Lincoln was born. The weather was unseasonably warm and we had a great time!

Stephen came home complaining of a stomach ache on Nov. 14th and by Thursday he couldn't stand up straight. Marc took him to the ER and they said his appendix had ruptured. He had it removed at 4am on Friday morning and spent his 22nd birthday in the hospital. He came home on the 20th and is doing well. Today is the first day he's went to school since it happened.

We left on the 21st and went back to Fort Knox to see Matthew graduate! It was the best graduation I've ever been too! After that we were all able to go and have lunch at the Golden Corral and then we dropped Matthew off at the Louisville airport at 3:30pm and headed back home. We arrived at home about 9:30pm. Matthew is now stationed at Fort Hood which is in Killeen, TX.

Needless to say on Thanksgiving we didn't do anything as we were all pooped. My girls ended up spending the day and evening with their Dad so it was just Marc, Seth and I. I did make a nice turkey dinner on Friday. Olivia spent the night with Emily and Abbi and had a great time.

Marc, Katie, Olivia, Seth and I will be heading to Raymondville, TX on Dec. 21st to spend Christmas with my parents. We are all so excited! Matthew is going to try and take leave and head down there as well and then he'd ride home with us and hang out for a little while before heading back to Fort Hood.

Suzanne tried out for the girls basketball team this year but was unsuccessful in her endeavor. We are just happy that she tried and hopefully she'll try again next year. Katie tried out for the Poms squad but she was unsuccessful as well. Again, hopefully she'll try again next year. Katie continues to play the oboe and just recently had one of her art projects chosen to be included in an art show! Olivia is going to a cheer leading clinic this Saturday. For $20 she gets poms, a t-shirt and is taught a routine that they will perform later that morning. She's very excited about it. Seth continues to love school and has made a lot of friends. His best friend Dillon lives right down the street and they've already had a couple of play dates. They'd have one daily if only us Moms would let them...LOL!
Well I think that covers it! Hopefully it won't be so long before I post again.